Legal Services

Corporate law

– Creation, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities of various legal types and individual entrepreneurs
– Preparing incorporation documents of legal entities (Charter, Certificate, etc.)
– Supporting in relationships with Federal Tax Service

89€ per hour

Contract law

– Preparing supply agreements, contracts of work and labor, loan agreements, contracts for providing services, etc.
– Preparing commission agreements, agency agreements, etc.

79€ per hour

IT-startup, E-commerce

– Preparing documents for the web-sites: terms of services (offers), run-time licenses, license agreements
– Preparing privacy policy, content policy

79€ per hour

Privacy & Data protection

– NDA agreements

– Protection of companies’ commercial confidentiality

89€ per hour

Labor law

– Legal due diligence of labor (HR) documentation
– Preparing labor contracts, remuneration and bonus schemes, duty regulations
– Consulting due to employee termination

79€ per hour

Preliminary consultation is always free.

Personal account manager who is always in touch.

Tax structuring

– Advice on issues of tax operation mode selection

– Tax structuring of transactions

149€ per hour


– Preparing letters of claims, filing lawsuits (including MyArbitr)
– Representing clients’ interests in court proceedings

129€ per hour

Personal data

Preparing consents to personal data processing, data operation and data processing policies, privacy policies (GDPR regulation), etc.

99€ per hour

Intellectual property

– Protection of rightsholders’ rights (trademarks, software, patent rights, etc.) – Advising on issues connected with software development and sale, as well as on other issues in the IT sector

109€ per hour

Refund for the first order if you are not satisfied with the quality.